BRFC vs Oak Flats ICU Round 2

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Youth Grade BRFC 2 (1) vs Oak Flats 1 (0) at Keith Bond Oval

Starting XI: Y Mavrikis, J Beaumont , M Sink, P Burleigh, J Foulger, J Baker, J Nuske, M Pellici, K Duggan, B Burke and B Waeger.

Subs: S Pitman for B Burke, I Osborne for M Pellici, C Huckel for B Waeger and L Bruce for J Nuske.

Goals: K Duggan 2


Reserve Grade BRFC 2 (1) vs Oak Flats 1 (0) at Keith Bond Oval

Starting XI: M Pill, M Bubb, J McCreary, F Timpano, D Barlow, B McAulay, D Vardareff, T Faulks, J Faulks, B Wilson and B Zentrich.

Subs: A Harrower for B McAulay, J Waters for D Barlow, J Everson for D Vardareff, Y Mavrikis not used and Jarryd Sweeney for J Everson.

Goals: D Vardareff and B Wilson


First BRFC 0 (0) vs Oak Flats 1 (0) at Keith Bond Oval – Game called off in 72nd minute due to severe Thunderstorm (game has since been awarded to Oak Flats).

Starting XI: C Worthington , M Alcorn, C Apolloni, L Veney, A Oliver, A Lehtsalu, B McCarthy, M Pitt, M Scott, J Seymour and A Vardareff.

Subs: S Formosa for M Pitt, D Vardareff for J Seymour, J Waters not used and Y Mavrikis not used.

Goals: No Goals

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