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Balgownie Rangers Soccer Club is the oldest running registered soccer club in Australia being formed in 1883. The club was formed in 1883 where it played against other social clubs and also between Balgownie teams. In 1890, Balgownie Rangers Soccer Football Club was officially registered to play in the newly formed N.S.W. Football Association.

There has recently been some conjecture regarding our claim as the oldest running soccer club in Australia. Just to clarify things, Balgownie was the 5th club to form in Australia, Granville, Arcadians, Kings College and one other club formed a few years before 1883. Since then all of these clubs have folded, Granville being the last to fold in the early 1980′s, making Balgownie Rangers Soccer Club the oldest registered running soccer club in Australia.

The club is full of tradition and has produced many famous soccer players over the years. Some include James ‘Judy’ Masters (who is listed in the Soccer Australia Hall of Fame) Tom Thompson, Dave Ward and Frank Smith in the early 1900′s, George Barlow in the 1950′s and more recently Matt Horsley who went on to captain the Wollongong Wolves, win 4 National Soccer League titles and also represent Australia. Matt has recently retired his footballing career after finishing as captain of Perth Glory during December 2005. There were many more players in between and over time a full list of representative players from Balgownie Rangers Soccer Club will be listed here.

James "Judy" MastersNOTE: We are always on the lookout for interesting stories, old photos and any other historical information about Balgownie Rangers Soccer Club. If you were an ex-player, member, supporter or just have any information that ma be useful to us, please contact us so that we can get your information listed here.

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