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Posted by Leanne Wright | General | Wednesday 24 January 2018 9:44 am

All insurance information is available via the “Insurance” tab in the bar at the top of the Football NSW homepage

By clicking on the “Insurance” tab, the user will be taken directly to the Gow Gates football website (

The user is then required to click on the Football NSW logo (this is in order to vet participants from other Member Federations who may have inadvertently come through our site). This will then take the user to all relevant insurance information, including Claims Forms and Certificates of Currency

Users can also access Claim Forms and Certificates of Currency via the “Resources” tab (also located at the top of the homepage) by simply filtering their search by Resource Type to “Forms – Insurance”.

If you have any questions in relation to insurance matters generally or are having difficulty accessing insurance information via the website, please contact Lorenzo Crepaldi, Head of Legal & Governance ( or 8814 4436) or Michelle Hanley, Risk Manager & State MPO ( or 8814 4402). Please note Michelle is on annual leave until 31 January 2018.

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